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My name is Miss B, I am a dilettante extraordinaire.

Welcome to my world! It is here you'll find my brain dumped out for the day for your viewing pleasure.

I plan to highlight some of my interests both old and new and share some of my insights on how to do things my way, (not always the best mind you), some secret short cuts and some basic style & design lusts.

I am also the founder of the sunniest place on the internet The Bright Side Project. It's like your favorite magazine come to life with the bonus you may actually be able to take home what you read about!

I hope to have people from around the globe add their input as well, because I sure do like to learn new things.

Disclaimer here, please do not attempt these things and decide to sue me if they go awry, I A) don't have any money and B) would hate to be sued.


learning, sleeping, puppies, sophia loren, ava gardner, audrey hepburn, mary tyler moore, martha, screening, phew a lot and not all necessarily in that order..., reading, writing, sewing, hgtv, eating, old movies, shoes, forensics, grace kelly, demolition, gilding, staining, scientific discovery, mini donks, myontonic goats...