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sight. It's how I make my living and I think I could work through the loss of the others, but sight is a game over. Graphic/web designers neeeed eyes.

Definitely eyesight, pretty much everything I love to do involves vision. I would like to keep making art forever! But taste would be tough to lose, too..

Sight, for sure. Most obstacles can be overcome with sight. Boredom cured with reading. Loneliness by a familiar face. If you lose your ability of speak, you can still express yourself through words on paper. I couldn't imagine losing the ability to experience art.

Eyesight because honestly, without it I would feel completely vulnerable and insecure. I'm too greedy for beauty of friends and family and gosh, nature! Also, how the heck are you supposed to maintain yourself without eyesight? Do I let my eyebrows grow out or trust some stranger to wax it the way I want them too? Ah!

Hearing. I'm a singer, and I love music. As long as I could still listen to and appreciate music, I could live without all the other senses. And the best things in life are related to sound. Hearing someone say "I love you," listening to birds chirping in the morning, rain on the roof, they're all beautiful.

Wow...I'm really debating between hearing and sight. I love photography and live for the beautiful outdoors, but I love music so much. Ok, I'm going to go with eyesight as my final answer...One can't hear a beautiful sunset, but you sure can see it. :)

Sight. I'm a professor of literature, a writer, a crafter, a painter, a wannabe photographer, and an observer--nothing better than seeing a toddler butt-drop dance or an old couple hold hands. I would desperately miss feeling the textures of my crafts and tasting my food and hearing movies/music/a child's laugh but most of my life revolves around sight.

Eyesight, so I could still enjoy the fabulousness that is ban.do! But seriously, sights like the mountains and the ocean are my biggest mood boosters, my family photographs are my most precious possessions, and seeing new places is my favourite pastime, and I would also be really terrified without eyesight, so I have to choose it.

I want to say sight, because I'm a writer, and as long as I can see I can read and type. But if we loose the ability to hear, then we eventually loose the ability to talk. If I can talk, then I can still dictate my writing. Why would I take up such an inconvenience when there is another option? My man is a musician. If I had to go without hearing him sing or play, I don’t think I’d know for sure it was him anymore. When he works, he is most himself, that’s who I fell in love with. I’d keep my hearing in the end.

i would most certainly keep my sight. i couldnt imagine never being able to see the faces of the people i love or a rainbow ever again. also as an artist not being able to see the art that i create would be absolutely horrible! as well as not being able to see and appreciate the art in everything around me every day.

This is a tough choice: my love of food and all things gastronomical would mean an absolute lifetime of anorexia if I lost my sense of taste as I'd probably never eat again. And to lose my sense of touch is one that also makes me shudder as I am a very tactile person. However the worse sense to lose for me would be my sight. I am a very visual person and I love to be surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people and beautiful places. To lose my sense of wonder at the world and excitability every time I see something beautiful would be an utter shame.

I would keep my sense of smell so that I can always feel close to the things I love, like the smell of the ocean, fresh flowers and the aroma of my favorite foods.

This is a hard one (as others above have stated)... I love listening to things, so I would be sad if I lost my hearing... but I do know sign language so it (I guess...) would be a little easier to lose my hearing. To not feel the softness of my dog, the warm touch of my fiance or the feeling of clean sheets on the bed would be a lot to bear, but to lose my sight I believe would be above all the worst. I would, in the end, have to say sight would be the sense I would keep. I just love colours and photography and flowers too much.

My vision! It's spring and time for my obsession with all spring flowers... first, hot pink and electric orange tulips... later, hydrangea exploding with periwinkles and mauves, and fluffy white peonies!

I'm all eyes. As a graphic designer, I couldn't imagine a world without my eyesight. So much of what I enjoy in life comes from how I see it- the ability to notice the little details and harness the power of color. Although, Helen Keller once said this about blindness, "The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision." Such a truth to that statement... we are resilient- so even in the face of such loss- we could find a way to carry on if we can have vision for our lives. (Although I almost feel like I should knock on wood right now just thinking about this perspective loss!)

My sight. I am close to legally blind now and often think about what my life would be like if I had been born two or three centuries earlier before the advances in glasses and contacts. I think I could carefully navigate through daily life without the senses of touch, smell, sound or taste with creativity and some humor, but sight present a greater challenge.

If I couldn't have any other sense, I'd want to be able to see. It would be tragic to only have one sense, but to have vision would be the most important because I could still find joy in just being able to watch someone laugh, smile, see a sunrise or sunset or simply soak in the beauty of nature.

Eyesight, without a doubt. I don't think I could live without ever seeing a sunset, my boyfriend or, if I ever have any, my kids! More importantly, I need my sight to see myself wearing that gorgeous belt!

My sense of touch, so I could always enjoy the warm hugs of my friends and loved ones. As much as I'm addicted to seeing the world, I'd feel so lonely if I couldn't touch others.

The sense of touch. Without being able to feel your surroundings and touch from other people, I would feel extremenly seperate from the universe.

No doubt about it, I'd keep my hearing. Despite working in visual arts, nothing completes my life quite like music. Even if I couldn't see, feel, taste, or smell anything for the rest of my life, at least I could lie in bed listening to a brilliant album and escape into my mind.

What a great question...

After much internal debate, I have to go with sight. Giving up things like listening to music or the flavor of fantastic chocolate are nothing when compared with losing the ability to see my husband's face every morning. That is the one thing I could never ever give up.

I want to say I couldn't live without sight, but I don't know how true that is. What's being able to see your family if you cannot hear or talk to them, or even feel their embrace? Watching the sunset on the ebach is a fantastic way to end a day, but without the roar of the ocean and the feel of the sand between my toes, I highly doubt it would yield the same experience. I guess, if I had to pick just one, I'd go with sight. And that is just so I won't hurt myself. I feel if I couldn't see I would have accidents left and right. And if I had to choose, and all I had was my sight, I highly doubt I'd enjoy it.

I would keep my sight. There is so much beauty in the world and I want to absorb as much of it as possible. I do not take any of my senses for granted.

Since I, too, enjoy a good haiku:

With no baby blues
I'd miss you envy-green for
My beflowered belt.

Seriously, though, I've always been an observer at heart, and I can't imagine parting with my sight. As long as I can devour my books, sit on my porch and watch a sunset, feel a friend's hug from the mischevious/conspiratorial look she shoots me across a crowded room, and listen to my husband by reading his lips (and - bonus!- make him shut up by closing my eyes...only if necessary), I think I'd be set.

Love the belts! They're inspiring me to throw a tea party and welcome spring with some style and whimsy. And if a few of those tea cups end up filled with champagne instead of Early Grey, I'm certainly not objecting.

This was an easy choice for me -- I would keep my sight. I could still enjoy reading (my passion), the art and beauty in the world and most importantly my husband as we grow old together and my children as they grow. To be able to see their smiles, their tears, their excitement, their wonder and every other expression tht comes across their faces -- that's just too priceless to give up.


it gives me more joy then all of the others combined. Besides:

As the mother of two little ones, I could handle a little less of the "touching" going on around here. And my ears could use a rest, too. I love the idea of being able to say "sorry I can't hear you" as the great cop out to all situations. Is that wrong?

And if I can't smell or taste I would **look** fantastic in that two piece. And, I'd actually like to see that, not just hear rumors or smell envy.

Wow....an absolutely thought provoking question...

After much deliberation (I actually closed my eyes and held my nose) I think it would have to be my sense of hearing. I think that would be the best way for me to still enjoy life. I would still want to listen to music, hear inflection & tone in people's voices and learn.

I would have to say SIGHT for sure. I could not ever give up the ability to see my children grow up. From the beautiful babies that they were, to the teens they are now and to the parents (making me a grandparent with grandbabies to see) that they will be in the future. Amazing to see where my genes come into play!

Sight. I'm a beauty-junky. I would miss all the others, but I can still dance in the silence.

Definitely touch, you can see someone hug you, smell their perfume as they do, hear their voice, but if you couldn't feel it? that would be sad...

TASTE - I can't imagine life without rich, dark chocolate and a smooth, sweet glass of port!

wouldn't it be heartbreakingly romantic to only retain your sense of smell. . . to be propped up on a fluffy 4-post bed in a dark victorian room, only recognizing those you love by their scent. when i pick up a shirt worn by the man i love, i smell him and i can see, feel and taste him all in one. the smell of my mother's perfume takes me back to being a child and again, i can see her blonde hair, feel her motherly warmth wrapped lovingly around me. these scents are the things that trigger the deepest emotions and enable my other senses to be awakened.

Eyesight. I recently lost my hearing and can do without it (despite how much it affects me) but theres nothing like watching fog rising off a pond, sun setting behind snow capped mountains, or children playing in a park.

Wow, we're all so visually oriented, aren't we? I think I have to concur, though--I'd be bereft if I couldn't see the sunset, my husband's face, my dog's wagging tail, the bee's behind poking out of a flower, my mom's smile...and if I couldn't read? Wow...

I am going to break the trends here...I would have to say taste...I can't imagine not being able to enjoy the first berries of summer, the bitterness of my morning coffee, the distinct taste of my mom's banana bread, the spiciness of my husbands curry. I think taste, for me, is linked intensely to memories...and that is something that I cherish!

Hearing. I know what tastes wonderful and not so wonderful. I have seen beauty. I have smelled things great and not so great. Too be honest I could do without feeling too hot or too cold anymore. I have my memory for all those things. I would be devastated if I could no longer hear - to hear the laughter of my nephews, to listn in case someone is crying, to dance to the beat, and I have yet to hear the breath of someone in love with me.

My first instinct was sight. I'd want to be able to see my children's faces. But then I realized that I wouldn't have any sense of touch...which I think would include being able to feel people touching me. I would have a hard time living without sight, but I could not live without hugs and hand holding and feeling my husband stroke my hair. I have to have my sense of touch.

Oh, this question is making me a bit sad...It is hard to imagine not having them ALL, isn't it? But I know that seeing my little boy's little chin, my daughters blue-blue eyes and my hubbies super-cute legs would make things alright. I vote for sight!

My boyfriend is legally blind and has shown me just how much he isn't held back by his vision. What he really uses all the time is his hearing so I think I would keep that.

Touch Touch Touch!!!!!!!!!!!! what would the world be like without sweet kisses and big hugs????

Sight....rainbows, smiles, puppies and babies...who would want to miss out on all that!

There is so much to appreciate in sight, and without the distraction of our other senses, I would have to pay closer attention to the the beauty around me. I think I would actually be more attuned to my boyfriend's feelings, when my plants need water, and when the dog needs some TLC if my senses were isolated to sight. It might make me a more observant, caring person. Sight is a beautiful thing. I couldn't give it up.

My sight, as my mom has macular degeneration, and seeing how she has lost hers has made me realize how much a part of her it was. She is depressed and devastated.

Sight - I think that I would be sad not to see all the beautiful things I see every day. Sight is also what makes my MEMORIES!! If I lost my sight right now my memories would be so different...it would be very sad.

I would keep touch. What good is seeing and hearing if you can't feel things? Touch wins hands down and hands on!

Probably smell. I can be fully transplanted from where I'm standing to, let's say, junior high kissing my "boyfriend" behind the gym, by getting a passing whiff of the cologne he wore. And the idea of living without the smell of thanksgiving or food cooking in general or the smell of spring (I was sitting in traffic and the smell of flowers was so strong that I almost had my head sticking out the window), would be utterly tragic.

hearing. i can't imagine a life where i can't hear my husband's infectious laugh, jam out to the new pearl jam cd, sing along with my sister's off key singing in the car or hear the incredibly funny things my niece says from the perspective of a 4 year old.

Definitely sight as watching my children brings me so much joy! I love to draw, paint & write too...and I read as often as time allows. Besides, losing my sense of smell might be just the thing I need to finally drop those pesky extra pounds =)~

I would definitely keep my eyesight. Not being able to see my beautiful children every day would be so hard. Missing out on all there changes while they grow would be heartbreaking.

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