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brilliant question, as usual:) I think I would love to talk with my cat. I talk with him all the time, but I don't think that I really understand him..
So I would like to know, what he thinks about life:) Why he likes to climb trees, why he drinks from the toilet, when I can't stop him etc. That would be really nice:)

Oooh, that's easy! I would love to talk to a bear and ask it what it dreams of all winter long in its hibernation.

I would like to have a chat with a dinosaur.

It would have to be a vegetarian dinosaur as I'd like to be able to relay the conversation back to my son James, who has been obsessed with dinosaurs since he was about two. He is now nearly 3 & a half.

If it was a carnivorous dinosaur, I might not be able to do so.

So, I think I'd pick a Parasaurolophus (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parasaurolophus)and I would ask it what *exactly* it used it's strange looking crest thingy for and then I would tell all the scientists & palaeontologists (and James) and there would be much happiness & sighs of relief as they would all FINALLY know what it was for and would be able to stop speculating!


I would LOVE to have a conversation with my family friends cat; Silver.

She talks a HECK of a lot, in cat language. you could have a conversation with her, and her replies sound like words; the tones and everything.

She seems like a wise kittycat and I would do anything to hear her talk in a human voice for once and have a random little cat talk.

I would love to have a conversation with a lion. I would ask him how it feels to be King!

I would talk to a polar bear and ask it how it feels about climate change. I'd record the interview somehow, and post it all over the web so no one could avoid hearing how sad it is to be the last of the polar bears. I also imagine that polar bears speak either Danish or Norwegian, seeing as they live on Greenland and Svalbard. I speak a little Danish because lived there fore a while. They are called Ice Bears in Scandinavia, Is Bjørn. The Is Bjørn would speak it in a deep growling, breathy kind of voice, that would sound like glaciers cracking and wind over the ice.

I would like to talk to my neighbours dog. I would ask him just why he has to bark all day, and what he is barking at. I would tell him just how irritating it is as I am an artist, I work from the room right above where he is tied up and his constant barking isn't really that inspiring. I would also like to ask the other neighbours cat why it has taken up residence at my front door, why it is so scared of humans, and who hurt it. Oh, and is it true that it has no teeth.

i would speak to my in-law's dog. they talk about her as if she is a person {she is my husband's sister} + treat her like a queen, so i just wonder what her perspective would be on the subject. i bet it would be funny to hear her thoughts.

My cats. Do you love me as much as I love you?

I would talk to my dog and I would ask him if he is happy. He is older than we thought he'd live to, blind, and deaf. But he still runs around the house like a jack rabbit. I'd hate for him to be living in pain.

I'd love to talk to my dog. Mainly to ask her, "Why do you love to chase this tennis ball so much?"

I think I'd have to talk to an ant. That is, if it had time to talk. Ants are always so busy, but I always wondered what they're thinking when they're working so hard. So, one thing I'd definitely have to ask is if it ever wondered what a vacation was like.

My boyfriend Dan and I moved into a house a little over a year ago, with our two cats -- his is Jespah and mine is Mina. Both of the cats are older females and do NOT get along; they have to be separated at all times. A few times they have gotten together and it has not been good -- it always ends up with Jespah hunting Mina by chasing her around the house and literally trying to kill her. Therefore, I would want to talk to Jespah and discuss her hatred for Mina. I would want to tell her that she and Mina are so much alike (loving; interesting; playful) and that if they would give each other a chance, that they would really enjoy spending time with one another, and that their differences would end up complimenting one another.

My best friend and roommates cat has hated me since the day it met me and I have no idea why. I feed it when she's gone, I once even saved it from drowing in the toilet when it was a little kitten. I would like to know why it wants to claw my eyes out and what I ever did to him. Damn feline.

this is probably the nerdiest answer ever, but i'd love to have a conversation with Shadowfax, the king of all horses from Lord of the Rings. i have no idea what i'd ask him...probably what he's seen in the miles he's run, what he's heard on the wind, and what the world is telling him in the beating of his mighty heart.

It would be Clyde, my Shih Tzu. Though a canine, he lays in his domain like a feline. His world seems lazy and magical. His personality is wonderous, he acts as if there is no duplication and every minor act in life is new.
I'd ask Clyde what he likes best about his day and how to keep such hope and optimism in life.

It would be Thatcher, my beautiful little black lab. She has anxiety problems and I would take the opportunity to ask her what really worries her and how I could make it easier on her. I feel so bad for her sometimes! I wish I could understand better!

I'd like to have a chat with my 21 year old cat. When I took a cat into my life, I never reallly imagined we'd be together for such a long time. She's seen it all and heard it all, silently watching and unconditionally loving. Oh to hear her perspective on our lives together -- and life in general.

An elephant. I would ask him/her if it is true they never forget.

I would like to have a chat with a family of bees and find out how the weird environmental stuff makes them feel, rather than just looking at the evidence and see how they are slowly dying off.

I would talk to squirrels - I find them very intriguing and have always wanted a tamed, pet squirrel.

My puppies - I have two dogs that are 5 lbs each, adorable and caring, I would love to know what they are thinking!

Easy, my children's dog and I would ask her why she can't seem to remmeber to poop when she is outside??????????

Although husband is not on board, I love the swines! Especially little piglets. I would most want to talk to the pigs to see what their voice sounds like.

The birds! I am so jealous that they get to fly around and see the areal view. I would love to hear their thoughts on that.

fish - only for the shear fact that they swim around all day. can you imagine living among the coral reef?

I would like to have a conversation with my 22-year-old horse. I would like to know if the grass REALLY is greener on the other side, and why he is so picky about apples. I would also like him to tell me if he is truly having fun on our adventures, or if he is just pretending to have fun to please me (which would be heartbreaking).

I would also like to have a conversation with a racoon. I think they must have an interesting perspective on recycling.

A dinosaur! (Does that count?)
How cool would that be?!
I would ask "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

I would want to have a little chat with my beagle and ask her why the hell she acts so CRAZY!!!

The llama on my in-laws farm. It seems to think that it's an acceptable thing to attempt to procreate with the pig and that's just not right.

It apparently didn't get the birds and the bees talk from it's Mommy and I'd really like to be there for that pour confused, lost soul.

Well that and make the horrible noises the pig makes stop... seriously, you don't want to imagine it.

I would like to talk to a butterfly. "Um, where do you go in the winter?"

What a fabulous question! There are so many animals that I love that I'd absolutely love to be able to talk to, this is so hard to decide! Buuuut, I think I'd have to pick a jellyfish! I'd ask her (I'm going to assume it'd be a girl jelly?) how she can see?! And how it feels to be soo pretty and flowy but so dangerous. What do jellies do for fun?! What's her favorite color? What's the scariest part about living in the ocean? Has she seen any scary sea monsters lately?! So many questions...

If I could have a conversation with any animal I would talk to a whale. I would find out where all of the dirty waters are that need to be cleaned up and where sunken ships were located. I would swim with my dolphin and let it lead me to its favorite places in the ocean where I can see various species and study them. I would use all of that information to help make the world a little better and do my part to clean it up, as well as give a voice to animals on what it's like to live in the waste that humans are responsible for.

A penguin. How do you live separated from your mate for so long? How did you learn to be so selfless with your baby chicks?

Love this question. I have thought of hundreds of answers, but the one I keep coming back to is one of my dogs. She insists on barking every evening from 8:00 until 9:00, then she is done. I would ask her what she is barking at that I can't see, and why she would rather bark than be inside snuggling. I would also want to talk to my turtle to ask him if he's bored.

This winter I saw a bobcat. We have big glass doors and when I glanced up from my work, there he was just watching me. He looked so wild and beautiful, I wish I could have talked to him. Why was he watching me? What is his life like so close to mine but so different? I never saw him again.

I would talk to my parents golden retriever and ask him why he is so obsessed with his chew toy.

I would ask my parent's cat, Esmerelda, why she likes to stay inside all winter, but refuses to come inside once it starts warming up. Are you really afraid of the ceiling fans, kitty or is it something else?

A Woodchuck! Then I'd ask him (of course)... How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. :)

I would like to ask Punxatawney Phil, the official groundhog of groundhog's day, if he understands what all the fuss is about and if he's happy being a celebrity.

An elephant. When I was 15 my parents took us all to India where we got to go on a safari in the jungle. Driving through the vegetation we spotted a baby elephant which we stopped to watch for a minute. Suddenly, there is a loud commotion behind our jeep and out of nowhere appears Momma elephant charging at us. Of course out guide quickly gets our jeep moving again and Momma stops the chase. Then we stop the car so we can watch her and her baby. She doesn't like this and starts to run at us once more. We take the hint and leave. I would love to ask this mother what she was thinking when she saw us so close to her child. Did she react from fear of the unknown? Had she ever seen humans before, and if so what did she think of us coming into her home? Now that I'm a mother I understand her response to us being there and am amazed that though we are so different our love for our children would cause us to react in the exact same way.

an owl. i'd ask him (or her) how he (or she, haha) feels about the recent BOOM of owls in design. yes.

oh, it would definitely be the gorillas that I ogle at the zoo. I would ask them if they sit around obsessing about how much humans are just like gorillas. "Look! How cute! Those humans eat popcorn just like we eat these leaves. Oh, wow. Look at how that human mama holds her baby to her chest, just like us."

I think I would like to talk with whales ... so huge and beautiful ... asking where they have been and where they are going. How nice to be able to be peaceful (so big no one bugs you!).

The wise old owl so I could find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

I would ask a spider if it knows how creepy it looks. Maybe it would spread the word to its brethren to stop dropping into our faces and skittering over our feet.

My childhood dog, Ali, the greatest pug who has ever lived. I would ask him to please verbalize all the adorable sounds he used to make to me so that I could once and for all get clear on whether he wanted a treat or a walk.

oh, no question, i would have a conversation with my completely, certifiably crazy beagle (his name is bailey). i would ask him why he insists on flying off the handle for no reason whatsoever, why he considers things like rock, tree bark and other (more disgusting) things perfectly edible, and why he is as generally nuts as he is.

i like to think he'd have something more to say than "more kibble, please." but i'm probably wrong.

My mutt, Hopps. We got her from a shelter, so I'd ask her to tell me her life story up to the day we adopted her.

i would talk to a bird and ask him to teach me how to fly...
or more "realistic"...to tell me what they see from the sky.

or maybe to an octopus ( my favorite animal ) to tell me how beautiful is it in the deep ocean.

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